Business Comercial

Danqiu international system is established by senior industry experts engaged in offshore trust, international finance and taxation, asset management, family insurance, family inheritance education and family office services. Danqiu international headquarters is located in vancouver, Canada, with offices in Toronto, Shanghai, guangzhou and Hong Kong. Dan hill to the Chinese high net worth families (enterprise) international aims to provide a one-stop private customized high-end series of services, including: family asset protection, asset configuration of globalization, international tax planning, tax declaration, the us and Canada governance and family traditions and family DaiChuanCheng overseas affairs management education, family and business study tour customization, etc.

Understanding Distinguished Family:

1. A distinguished family is harmony-pursuing, foreseeing, and values the succession of both family assets and heritage;

2. A distinguished family values entrepreneurship forever and innovation, never stop going beyond the past.

3. A distinguished family uses family tradition systematism and globalization to break the curse - from clogs to clogs is only three generations.

4. A distinguished family must have comprehensive infrastructures when facing the Five Main Problems of family globalization and succession.

Difference Between Family and Clan:

Family: Concerns only the current generation and raising the next generation

Clan: Considers several generations’ future and succession planning

Construction of Distinguished Family Globalization and Succession Infrastructures:

Four Main Systems

Global/Cross-border Asset age System ‒ to achieve free transfer of funds

Offshore Family Trust System ‒ to achieve family assets ring-fence and protection

Global Asset Allocation System ‒ to achieve long-term stable and better absolute return

Family Governance and Succession System ‒ to achieve family and family business systematized governance and succession.

Two Main Focuses

Use international institutional resources to achieve tax compliance planning

Use international institutional resources to achieve CRS planning