DanQ International is supported by the professional research and experts of Alpha Family Globalization & Succession Research Institute. DanQ international is devoted to asset cross-border, offshore trusts, global taxation, asset allocation, family insurance, family inheritance education, family office comprehensive customization services and the establishment of a sharing platform. The company started with Canadian tax planning and officially entered China in August 2015. It now has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Toronto, Cayman and Singapore. The Cayman branch is the first licensed trust company with China mainland background in Cayman. The company has top experts from the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and offshore areas, for China's entrepreneurs and global Chinese family by providing family internationalization & family governance, protection and inheritance of comprehensive planning services, recognition of family wealth enterprises and the spirit of the family inheritance from generation to generation.

   Understanding Distinguished Family:

    1. A distinguished family is harmony-pursuing, foreseeing, and values the succession of both family assets and heritage.

    2. A distinguished family values innovation and long-term entrepreneurship, they never stop going beyond the past.

    3. A distinguished family uses family tradition systematism and globalization to break the curse from clogs to clogs in only three generations.

    4. A distinguished family must have comprehensive infrastructures when facing the Five Main Problems of family globalization and succession.

   Difference Between Family and Clan:

    Family: Is only concerned about the current generation and raising the next generation

    Clan: Considers several generations’ future and succession planning

   Construction of Distinguished Family Globalization and Succession Infrastructures:

    Four Main Systems

    Global/Cross-border Asset Linkage System ‒ to achieve free transfer of funds

    Offshore Family Trust System ‒ to achieve family assets ring-fence and protection

    Global Asset Allocation System ‒ to achieve long-term stable and better absolute return

    Family Governance and Succession System ‒ to achieve family and family business systematized governance and succession.

    Two Main Focuses

    Use international institutional resources to achieve tax compliance planning

    Use international institutional resources to achieve CRS planning