Feature Trust Structure Building service

Service Introduction:

This service is d on DanQ’s practical experience in China by summarizing 12 types of clients’ recurrent needs. According to these needs, a generic trust structure which can precisely match client’s certain needs is designed. In the service process, through inviting family to fill in the standardized questionnaire for collecting the family’s specific information in certain needs field, to make certain degree of appropriate design and adjustment in the basis of the generic trust structure in accordance with the client’s actual situation. So as to achieve the maximum balance between trust service personalization and trust designing and constructing cost for the family.

Service Functions

Family asset protection and succession fundamental offshore structure

Specific purpose offshore trust structure

Asset protection and succession structure for Canadian and Australian immigrant families.

Asset protection and succession structure for American immigrant families.

Offshore trust structure for owning intellectual property.

International trading structure hold by offshore trust.

Quasi red-chip architecture hold by offshore trust (plan to listing overseas in the future).

Chinese company’s equity structure hold by offshore trust (no listing plan).

Offshore trust structure for passive overseas investments.

Offshore trust structure using holding company mechanism to conduct active overseas investments.

Offshore trust structure for actors and/or athletes.

Offshore trust structure for those who possess collections.

Service Content


Conducting one-on-one meeting with the family to define their needs of feature trust structure type

Providing standardized questionnaire to the family for collecting related information.

Project Designing

d on family’s answer to the questionnaire, making necessary adjustments to the basic feature trust structure

Program Implementation and Structure Constructing

For the purpose of the project, setting up family trust structure, draft and complete related legal documents of family trust structure Setting up related offshore companies Draft and complete related legal documents for the transactions of assets into the trust structure Answering general tax law question during project implementation

Target Clients

If you,
For the time being, do not need to put all family assets into the offshore trust structure, but have specific needs in one or two certain fields. You may would like to learn more about this service.