After 5 years, Janet went to Danqiu Hope Primary School again with the colleagues of DanQ Shanghai office to attend the scholarship awards ceremony.

Spring, 2012

The new campus was open, and all students were able to attend school. 

December, 2011

The new school building was completed. Brand new staff building, multimedia classroom stands in sight, with modern teaching equipment and ranges of sports equipment.

Knowledge changes destiny, love ignites hope

By November 2017, DanQ Group’s donations amounted to a total amount of 795,800 RMB. The DanQ Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2014 with donation of 50,000 RMB each year to aid the newly-enrolled college students and impoverished students. On the journey of charity, DanQ never stops. Charity is not just preaching, but also in practice, establishing a warm appeal.

April, 2011

The predecessor of Danqiu Hope Experimental Primary School is a dilapidated school at Gounancun Hongzhuang Town Donghai County in Lianyungang, named Gounan Primary School. In early 2011, due to disrepair of the campus, lack of funds, the children were not able to attend school.  Janet Zhang, the founder of DanQ International, learned about the news and decided to help the students.